Carnival 2010

I think most
girls love pink, harts, flower and….fairy’s

So for Stina’s first carnival at school she wanted to be a fairy!!!!!

Mama did her best to make it all look fairies like and I must say I was happy with the result!

And so was Stina!!!

There are great videos on you tube showing you how to make your own fairy wings, just type: how to make my own fairy wings.

Unfortunately I could not find all the materials needed for this project so had had to be extra creative.The end result is that the wings are a bit
smaller then I wanted but they looked great anyway!!


She was so happy all the way to school….till we got there….MOM I’m the only one who’s dressed up!!!

I DONT want to go inside!!!!

After convinsing her that all will be ok she went to school……when we picked her up at the end of the day she was all smile!!!
cause as it turns out a lot of kids where dressed up as well and they had a great time!!

Mom I don’t want to go inside!!!!!    

Scared Fairy


My little fairy is Happy!!!

FAiry (2)


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