Pattern Drawing Course

I have this list (for years) with courses I would like to take to improve my sewing and crafting skills, but nothing came of it. I was always too busy with other courses for my fulltime job (1 each year)!

And keeping balance between work and home was taking all my time and energy.

But time and living in Suriname have changed all that! I do work more over here but we don’t have to take courses for the job and baby girl is bigger now so we can do lots together! I do miss challenging myself and learning new things so I decided to take my list and pick a course and get going!

The course I picked is pattern drawing! Years ago I had ordered an pattern drawing course via LOI in Holland (work at home and send in your homework) but never finished it (managed to do two chapters) I missed interacting with other students and a teacher, to get help with a problem took too long (via mail or e-mail) and that discouraged me.

This time I’m actually going to classes, once a week for two hours. I must say I love it!! I’m learning new things every week, I’m interacting with other fellow sewers and getting all the inspiration I need!!!

Our teacher is a lovely lady who has all the patience in the world, I like the way she teaches us in a simple and clear way! I started in April this year and the first part of the course is focused on skirts!

We learned to take measurements, how to make a skirt pattern (basis on scale), how to adjust that into other types of skirts and drawing the pattern in your own size! I must say it is a challenge and some skirts are easier than others but the end results are great!! (Clothes that fit like a glove)

These are the three skirts we made so far!

1) Pencil Skirt, Draft, Pattern and End Result                                                                    

2).3/4 circle skirt, Draft, Pattern and End Result


3) Circle skirt, Draft, Pattern and End Result 



4) Gerende rok, Draft, Pattern and End Result



2 thoughts on “Pattern Drawing Course

  1. Ziet er heel goed uit Ruth! Ik heb naailes afgezegd voor dit jaar, want ik doe toch heel veel al zelf, ik ging meer voor de gezelligheid. Dit jaar wil ik ook gaan starten met patroontekenen, maar heb nog geen cursus in Den Haag nog kunnen vinden die mij leuk lijkt. Het ziet er bij jou echt geweldig uit, vooral hoe je zelf zegt, om een eigen patroon te tekenen die “fits like a glove” daar wil ik nou ook naartoe ;-)!


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