November 2011

In between working, raising baby girl being a wife, sewing and sewing classes I also have to make time to make jewelry for our (my friend Maike and I) little boutique. I love creating new and fun
jewels, it takes some time but it’s always worth it. Here in Suriname the love jewelry made from natural materials (wood and seeds). The sift was difficult but I think I found the thing working for me ….wooden beads……. I decided to start with that and slowly work my way to the seeds, I like to deliver good work and understand the materials I work with and sometimes that can take some time (for me to be happy with the results). So it was a lot of work and then take it apart and start over again. I’m happy to say I’m getting there! It’s great to learn new things! I also bought some for my daughter and she loves working with me and creating her own  bracelets and necklaces to wear for when we go out!

My Daughter’s supply  

Some of Mama’s supply   

 My fav. beads  


 My fav. ornament




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