Tunic for Stina 1

Every year Santa has trouble getting me a gift so he gives me money so I can get my 

art supplies and fabric. But this year he surprised me!!!

Santa got me a book!!! How to Sew your own Tunic, for mama and child!!!! All I can say is I Love It!!!

(pink tunic for stina)

So in between all the Christmas celebration and fireworks I got to work !!! I made two tunics for my daughter.   

The patterns are so easy to use and the directions are very clear!! One thing I know is more tunics will be made!!!

The reaction on the tunics where great!                                                                                                

My daughter loves the compliments and I love hearing her say my mommy made this for me!! hihi.

For the first tunic i used fabric that i already had but did not know what to do with!

Was meant as a test, but turned out just perfect for her!

Front (this tunic can be worn withor without a belt)



For the second one my daughter picked her own fabric, I bought some fabric in december to make some tunics

for my self but when she saw the pink fabric she decided to claim it for her self!! In the pic you can see her little

hands waiting to grab the fabric as im tring to take a pic!






2 thoughts on “Tunic for Stina 1

  1. Je bent lekker bezig zie ik, mooie dingen maak je voor Stina! Straks raakt zij zelf ook zooooo enthousiast dat je voor haar ook een machientje moet kopen 😉


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