Mad Men Challenge

As Challenging myself is at the top of my list of thing I want to do this year I decided to join

the Mad Men Challenge by Julia Bobbin!!! Yep, Yep!!

My favorite character in The Mad Men series is Joan played by Christina Hendricks

It took me a while to pick a dress (in this case two) from the mad men show that I would like to make and wear!!

And the Dresses are……. The pink one (no sleeves) with details like on the bleu/white dress


And since I can’t get a vintage pattern in Suriname and ordering one would take to long

(you see we have to be done by the end of march!!)

So I’ve combined two patterns I already had the top part of the coffee date dress and

the pencil skirt I drafted at the pattern making course, took my pattern making book and got to work.

This challenge is a real challenge for me!

It will be my first attempt to alter a pattern, in this case two, and make it all fit and look good.

I will have to lengthen the skirt and change the top part of the dress so I’m all exited to learn how to

do this and can’t wait to see the end result!


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