My last post was from three months ago!!! Due to illness I was not able to finish my mad men challenge by Julia Bobbins L, I was no allowed to work or sew due to neck, back and arm problems!

But now I’m felling so much better and I can slowly start doing my fav. Things ( I’ve missed it so much!!) I’m still not allowed to spend much time behind the sewing machine so I started with some little craft project  with the help of my daughter!! We had great fun making these stuffed animals and other crafts!!

Now I’m just waiting…… to finish my mad men dress!!!!


Mr. Turtle

We found this great turtle pattern on:

Make it and Love it by Ashley



From: Burda magazine


Knight on a Horse

From: Crafts for a little princess

Mr. & Mrs. Octopus

From: Knutsel



From: Burda 08-2011



From: Burda magazine



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