Sewing, sewing and some more sewing!

It’s been a while since I have posed any of my sewing projects, but I’ve been busy and challenging myself!! The pictures are not what I want them to be (husband is away from home for the last couple of months) so I had to ask my little girl and a friend (both lacking the patience for all my demands) to help me out (thank you ladies!!).

Instead of posting al the garments separately I will add all (except the Mad Men challenge one!) the pics in this one post!! (so I won’t drive my friend and fam. Crazy!!)

So here we go!!!

Shorts for little girl Burda Style Mag. 5/12 Model 144

Withpockets (my first!!!yeah me) btw, she loves them and they are great to play in.

Tunica (1) from: sew your own tunica

Love the pleats!! (another challenge!!)

Tunica (2) from: sew your own tunica

The fabric is kind of stiff but  the end result looks ok , I only wore it once! (way to HOT)

The pleats again!!

Tunica (3) from: sew your own tunica

Yes another tunica!! This one is my fav.!! The linen is very nice for the weather we have here!!

Anniversary Dress (CCD dress, by Elaine May free pattern on Burda Style skirt part altered!)  

Third challenge!!

I sew this dress for our third wedding anniversary ( my hubby loved it!), the bow looked much better then, I did not have a mirror to check and my photographer did not notice it was to long!

But you get an idea!!

Bustier from Burda 12/03 Model 112,

made this for our vacation next year to Curacao,

yes I started already making fun stuff to wear for little girl and me!!

(more in later posts!)

I was told not to forget to mention that little girl took these pictures!!

Saved my fav. for last!!!!

Jacket from Burda Easy Fashion Model 8

My first Jacket ever!!! Had a great fight with the sleeves but I won!!!

My dear friend was a bit creative with this last pic.! We did not like the background!!

I still have some more projects to share but those will be in a next post!


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