Merry Christmas!!!

A Merry Christmas to All!!! We had a great day yesterday just the three of us in the morning and with the fam in the afternoon!! Lots of eating and enjoying each other’s company!! After all the eating we decided to take a walk at Waterkant / Vrijheidsplein (Waterside / Freedom square) the decorations where … More Merry Christmas!!!


I wanted to tackle one last challenge before saying goodbye to 2012! As we woman all know buying lingerie can be an expensive thing, so I wondered if I could make my own, I saw some great patterns in the Burda Style mag.  And thought to myself that if I can tackle the scary pleats … More lingerie

Work in Progress

For the longest time I have this project/dress I wanted to work on from  Burda Easy Fashion, but for some reason told myself it was too difficult for me to tackle! In the spirit of challenging myself I decided to go for it, if it works out…… great!  If not…….. I’ve tried! With this in mind … More Work in Progress