Work in Progress

For the longest time I have this project/dress I wanted to work on from  Burda Easy Fashion,


but for some reason told myself it was too difficult for me to tackle!



In the spirit of challenging myself I decided to go for it, if it works out…… great!  If not…….. I’ve tried!

With this in mind I went to my fav. Fabric store in Paramaribo “Lamara” for the first time I went there with a (mission)

project in mind and finding the perfect fabric was easy since I was not distracted by all the lovely fabric they sell!

(good for the wallet as well!!)

So my new project is a 50ties Rock and Roll style dress!!! But without the petticoat!

 (funny as I’m writhing this post there’s an old Rock and Roll show on TV!)

I followed the instructions, even the hand stiching of the pleats (I usually just pin them) on the top part and skirt!

To my delight all is going smoothly (so far) and the directions are very clear to follow!

I’m almost done so the finished dress will be posted very soon!

Happy sewing!!!

Top pleats



Skirt pleats




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