I wanted to tackle one last challenge before saying goodbye to 2012!

As we woman all know buying lingerie can be an expensive thing, so I wondered if I could make my own, I saw some great patterns in the Burda Style mag.  And thought to myself that if I can tackle the scary pleats I can tackle underwear/lingerie !!??!!!

(after working with pleats I feel like I can do anything! Let’s put it to the test)!!

This pattern I found in Burda 1/12




I love this look!

There was one problem!!! Not one piece of suitable fabric to be found in my stash.

So with the urge to make this set I decided to go for….lace!!! (which I bought to make a laced dress)

I did not want to cut the bows of so left them on, this meant that the look of the set will change but I did not care at that point!

For the next set I stick to the look.

This is the end result…. The panties look like a hot pants, but I love, love, love them and the fit is great and they are very comfy!! The top is not all I wanted it to be but it still looks great together.

lingerie 1

lingerie 2

(The pantie is a bit twisted, I had to pin it in the back since

I have more hips than the mannequin)

lingerie 3

I also changed the straps, just made two tunnels and run elastic trough

lingerie 4

No zipper needed since the lace is stretchy you can just pull it over youre head.

And the greatest thing is I have four orders for this set!!! My first!!!!!! What a way to end the year!! I will post the progress on that.

And now I feel a bit obsessed with making underwear so I had to try this one to!

Found this great pattern on:

I used the left over fabric I had from myBustier from Burda 12/03 Model 112, some lace and a ribbon….. tada!!

lingerie 5


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