Garden Full of Life!!


It’s been four years since we moved to Suriname and we are still enjoying our self’s very much!

Some of the things I love is waking up with sunlight, having the windows and doors open all day, there is always green around and tropical birds, fruit trees everywhere and we are able to grow our own veggies and fruit trees.

we even have chickens (fresh eggs!!!)

Rooster (his name is really Rooster)and two of his chicks(no names yet) !!

Our very first egg!! )it’s my daughters job to collect the eggs.

 and two great dogs (top security! But lost the pictures 😦 ).

There is plenty of room for our daughter to play outside!

(some old pics)

Our back yard and some of the fruits we have,

(sorry I don’t know all the English names)

I must say it’s very inspiring!

My Favorite tree of them all!!!

Coconut tree


Colors always make me happy!!       

Awara tree

Awara’s, sweet and oily

Awara’s, sweet and oily

Pompelmoes (pompom)          






Blossom of the Pamorak tree.

 Pomarak tree




Soft and Juicy and very sweet.



Great to make smoothies and cherry ice-cream.



Apple tree

(it’s not an apple apple; this is how they are called here,

got me confused in the beginning was expecting real apples )

The cool thing about taking these pictures…..some of the process of becoming an apple was visible look!


(even the bees are helping to make this picture work)

Appel 1


Admitting color,

they grow in a bunch, they start out green and slowly turn in to pink.

Appel 2


it’s like the play hide and seek with you cause they like to hide behind the leaves.


They are delicious! Very fresh and juicy, with the hot weather we got here it’s nice to

put the apples in the fridge, just 5 min, it’s fresh and cool.

Banana tree


Banana 1


Banana 2

Pineapple tree

                       Orange tree 1

Orange tree 2

Coconut ,

the beginning, just leave a coconut outside and see what happens!

When they get a bit bigger we simply put them in the ground and watch it grow.

Palm tree

Coconut close up! I just Love this tree!!!

Fav coconut

Fave coconut 1

At the end of the day and on the table

pompom, orange and appel

The coconuts never make it to the table! 🙂

Hope you Enjoyed the pictures!


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