Is it possible to feel the season changes in your body?

Or is it… if you wish for something so bad and so hard….you can actually feel, see and smell it?

I don’t know what it is but I feel the spring in my body….I say this because we don’t have spring, summer, winter or fall in Suriname, we have the long rainy season and the short rainy season.

But after living in Holland for over 20 years it’s like the season changes are happening inside of me now we live in Suriname, with all this I mean the feelings that come along with the seasons, take spring, the sunshine, flowers, Easter, birds (and more) all of these things want me to go out for long walks, wearing bright colors and making plans for the summer!

Well I still feel that way around this time of the year! I’m spending more time gardening (long walks…phoe… way to hot right now!), sewing with bright colors (mostly for kids and baby’s) and planning a trip to Curacao in September (summer!? break in Suriname, …yes where late!)

Spring is in the Air (Body)!!!

Some of the thing I made the last couple of weeks! Feeling springy~

My mother inlaw sold the dresses and shoes in the first and forth pic. The dress in the 4th  pic. Is revaiseble one side is purple with little flowers and the other side is yellow with small inbroudered flowers (see pic 2) it also come with a summer had from burda ../.. that is also revaiseble but I forgot to take a pic. I made a new one for my new project pic’s will follow! Pic’s 2 and 4 were projects for my little girl!


Dress: Burda 11/01 Baby Dress 145

I’ve added ruffels at the neckline and bottom just to make it a bit more girly

Baby Shoes: Ottobre summer 2006 nr. 3


Top: Ottobre summer 2006 nr. 21


Skirt: Self drafted

Shorts: Burda 5/12   nr. 144


Dress: Burda 11/01 Baby Dress 145

original pattern, but this is a two in one dress

Fabric my little girl picked out !

jeans fabric with printed flowers

romper 1Front

Baby Romper: found this pattern at Sewing in no mansland!

romper 2


romper 3

I’ve lined the top part


Skirt: Selff drafted

Well this is it for now, have to get to work , i’m working on three dresses for two ladies, more on this in a next post and also an update on the lengerie order i was working on (one word DRAMA!!)

Till then!!! happy sewing!!


One thought on “Spring

  1. Hey Ruth je bent lekker bezig, mooi zo! Een idee om je eigen winkeltje te openen met mooie creaties voor kids? mijn favoriet is de babyromper, oh zoo schattig ;-)!


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