Back Online

It’s been a while since my last post and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue with the blog.

A lot has happened since April 20th 2013 and I don’t really know where to start!

Well I guess I will start with…..1) My little shop 2) Fashion School

After the company I was working for closed their doors I found myself without a job and lots of time on my hands! For the longest time I wanted to see if I could start a business selling my hand made stuff! And I wanted to push my skills to the next level!

1) A location presented itself, I had a partner (great to split up the costs), some startup money (not a lot) and all my stuff to start.

We started September 2013 with the little supply we had (clothes, jewelry and furniture i had) and decided to sew costume made clothes (just to get started, make some money and get back to what we really wanted to be doing in the shop!). We got a lot of support from family and friends especially our husbands! The” Atelier” was a fact! Things were going great, people got to know us and we were happy!

Well so I thought……..after 6 months we ended our partnership (long and boring story) and went our separate way’s.

I stayed and tried to make it work on my own but the costs where too much for me on my own at that time and the workload was crazy! And the funny thing was I wasn’t doing what I wanted in the first place.. SELL MY HANDMADE STUFFF!!!! I was only sewing for people just to make ends meet and did not find the time to sew my stuff!! And forget about jewelry making!!

2) By this time I also started at a fashion school here “Grootfaam Modevakschool”, I’ve learned a LOT!! Like pattern drafting, understanding the body and sewing skills!! (Will share more in next post!)

So to make a long story short…… due to financial tidenis (crap) I decided to stop with the shop and school!  Make a new plan and move on!!

I’m working at home now, making my stuff (in time to be sold on line)!!! Yeah!!! And still sewing for others, but now I get to pick and choose what kind of work to take since I don’t have to pay rent  (rent here in Suriname is WAY too HIGH!!!) . And about the learning of new sewing skills…… I’ve learned a lot at school last year, but what I’m learning by sewing for others is amazing!!! And there is internet and my home schooling books so I think I’m covered for now!

There are some things I’ve learned/remembered from all this:

Believe In Yourself

Stay True To Yourself!!

And Never Be Afraid To Try Something

And the greatest thing is when your child says: I’m proud of you mom! You don’t give up on your dream! Keep going!

So here I go!!!

Here are some pics of the shop!

Afbeelding2 Afbeelding3 Afbeelding4 Afbeelding5 Afbeelding6 Afbeelding7


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