In my last post I talked about the Fashion school (Modevakschool Grootfaam) I attended (but had to quit).

I’ve learned a lot the year I spend there and it will (already) help me to take my sewing and drafting skills to the next level! Learned to draft the basic patterns, skirt, pants and blouse and how to adjust and combine them, it’s all pretty basic but it helps me to understand how and where to make changes on the pattern!

First we draw the patterns on scale ¼, then ½, the patterns have to be cut and sewn on ½ scale. You create cute mini clothes, but some are very difficult to sew on a machine and because of that we had to hand sew a lot of our projects! It was a challenge for me since I’ve never done that before (did some little craft thingies but this was on another level)!

The hand stitching had to be perfect, we even learned to make button holes and insert zippers! At first I thought: what a waste of time since everyone uses a sewing machine!

But one day (I was working on an order) my machine quit on me and I just oiled my spare machine so cloud not use that one either and had a deadline! Well I finished my order by hand (blind hem and button hole) I was so happy with this new skill and I never complaint again when my teacher told me to sew a project by hand!!

I’ve also learned to sew some of the traditional clothing of Suriname like Koto’s, Jatie’s and Kimona’s

(more on this in a next post)!

I’m more confident now in drafting and sewing and the great thing is I’m having so much fun in creating new thing!! I’m depending on other people’s patterns any more …. so when I see something I like and want to sew I hit the drawing table and end up with my own design!!

Below pics of some of the things I’ve made during class.

The colors are a bit of in some pics, ive been playing around and adjusting in fotoshop…..and could not get the colors to match! (need to work on that!!)

As you can see I had a lot of the orange and pink fabric, thought it would be great to make all my homework projects in the same fabric……but I had to switch for some projects!! I could not stand the colors after a while (my teacher tought it was great)





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