Mommy’s Little Girl Baptize Dress

Well I love to sew but i love love sewing for my litlle girl! She is my number 1 fan and cheerleader, she likes everything I make and that’s always cool with me.

This last year she wanted more say in what she wears and im al for that. She is kind of a tomboy who sometimes wants to be a princess. And it always have to be simple, not to much thingies (her words).
**Love her being her unique self**

When I told het about this post she got al her getups and asked if we could have al simple shoot a chance to wear the dresses again!

We decided to post them in several post because picture uploading via phone takes way way to long!

So this is dress 1

This dress is made from two different type of satin one plain grey and the other one is with strips.
I made this dress for her baptize on mothersday 2014
The pattern is from knippie 1/12 model 12a

Till next post!


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