Working and loving it! 1

Its been a while since my last post this is because my laptop brokedown (i’m posting via phone and the smal keypad is driving me mad!!! This will be my third try!) And i’ve been working on orders (yeah).

I wanted to put all the pics in one post but my phone cant handel that so instead i will (try) add four! Hope the pics are clear to see and please dont mind the typos!

Sewing for clients in Suriname is a challenge at times. People here are still verry traditional in what they wear during celebrations and I’m not used to that but it’s great fun learning about the Suriname culture and it gives me a chance to develop new sewing skills!

This one is a first for me.
I had to sew a man and boy shirt for two brothers to attend an aunts birthday party. Here in Suriname all party’s have a color theme! This on was yellow/purple, the grandmother bought the fabric for all her grandkids so they would mach!
The end result was great and i love the african look!







Have a great week!


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