New Year, New Projects, New Attitude

First I would like to wish everyone a very good, healthy and happy new year! With lots of inspiration and fun fun fun sewing projects!

My sewing / crafting resolution for 2016 is to finish one project a week and post it on my blog.  And guess what….. I’m already behind on schedule 😦  So I need a better schedule specifically because of an other new year resolution…… To make myself more visible to the public and start selling!! This means I need to be more productive!

After all the festivities, to much food and some rest I started my sewing year with some cute girls overall’s I found in Burda.


I think it looks very cute, so I went digging through my fabric stash and ended up with this.





The instructions where easy to follow and I didn’t change a thing… Oep yes I didn’t attach the back pockets (well next time). And next time I will add an extra button at the top! I’ve used cotton fabric which I love working with, so overall (hihi) I love this pattern and more will follow!

I also had time to make a skirt for my self!!!! Self drafted Yes!!!
For the skirt I used a grey satin fabric, i kept the waist high since I don’t like hip skirts! It’s a great skirt for salsa dancing.


Wel that’s it for the first 2016 sewing projects, up to the next one.
Till next post!!

Happy sewing.


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