Pleaded skirt African style

Well its February and this is my second post for the year. And I’m waaaaaay behind with my schedule!
I did manage to make some nice things just did not get the chance to blog about it.

Also I had some sewing jobs and thats always greatl!
My skills are improving and it gives me such a boost to keep going and growing. Unfortunately I don’t always have the time or chance to take a picture of what I sew for customers since things go real fast between sewing, altering and delivery specially sewing for more than two customers.

Yesterday i managed to take some pictures of my latest order (this because the customer did not show up as discussed).
I love these kind of skirts so much! Got completely inspired by these skirts.


The African print pleaded skrit!

The funny thing was, I just made a short version of this skirt for my daughter (next post) when a customer came in and asked if i could make a pleaded skirt, after answering yes she showed me a picture just to make sure I knew what she meant….. and there it was…… the African print pleaded skirt!!!

This is how it turned out.



It’s an easy, fast and fun skirt to make got the job done in one day and more will follow cause I want one to!! Oooooo I love that fabric!

Well that’s it for now…
Happy sewing, till next post!


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