Saturday project

Hi there,
A couple of weeks ago I finally started and finished a long overdue project!!

Here in Suriname we live with doors and windows open all day, this means a lot of dust and bugs! I can’t keep my fabric stash out in the open so I’ve got plastic storage containers to protect my stash.

But a couple of months ago I realized that my machines weren’t protected at all!!!

While using my serger I noticed that there was sand falling out of the machine (which is strange right?) so I opened the machine and got a surprise…… there was a bee making a nest (do bees make nest??? Or beehive??) of sand/clay in my machine!!!!!!!
Needless to say I was not a happy seamstress!!!! I went and checked all my machine, my room, my house. (yup found two more) turned the place up side down because these bees find just a small hole and move in and ruin all our stuff!!
So now my husband checks the house every week, we have a little girl who is afraid of bees you know.
And I decided to protect my investments, I had them covered with a sheet for the time being. But this is how they are protected now.


I’ve covered three sewing machines and two sergers, I only took pictures of the first two since the all look pretty much the same!
I even covered the paddles.

And since I was on a role….. made a new sewing bag and two pouches to keep all my tools together and at hand.



Recognize the fabric???


I loved this project and all the colors make me soooooo happy.
A colorful fresh start of sewing 2016. Bring it on beeeez.

Just need to make pouch my scissors.

Well thats it for now, till next time.
Happy sewing!!


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