Skirts and a little gift.

Hi there,  happy Thursday!!

Just wanted to share my latest creations…. the pleated skirt again!!

The first two skirts are made for a customer who was so happy with the end result that she ordered two more.  Unfortunately I was not able to take pictures of the last two because it all went so fast, but she promised me some pics!

As a surprise I made her a bracelet from scraps to mach with one of the skirts. Customer happy… Seamstress happy!

The first one is a low waist skirt and the pleats are placed lower.




The second one is the high waist pleaded skirt.



And a little gift, I took a wooden bracelet and covered it with scraps (wrapped around) and sew (by hand) the end with small stitches.


This skirt I made for myself with bracelet, just need a pair of earrings to complete the look!



Well that’s it for now, thanks for stopping by! Have a blessed day!!
Happy sewing!!!


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