New Fabric for more sewing

Hi there,

The one thing I love more then sewing is fabric shopping!!

I have this bad habit of buying fabric just because it’s pretty, beautiful or just because I got to have it.
A while ago my husband put a stop to it (boohoo) saying I needed to sew, sew, sew to get through my ever groing stash cause this was getting out of control! (boohoo)
Well I’ve managed to sew,  sew and sew but there’s no end in sight and I kept on boohoooing!!!!  He could not hear any more booohooing so he caved!!!!!! Yoehoeeeee!!
I had saved my sewing earnings to make sure we were still able to eat (cause fabric prices went wayyy up) and of I went fabric shopping!!!

I didn’t go all crazy 🙂
But got some great fabric, and I’m happy again!!!
Now to find projects and get to sewing, sewing and some more sewing!



The first two projects are on the way,  I starded with this beautiful African print fabric.


Happy sewing to all and have a great weekend!!
Till next post.


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