Blue and White dress to party

Hi there,

Yesterday we had a birthday party,  one of our nieces turned 25!!!
She came all the way from Holland to celebrate with her family here in Suriname and I wanted to look a little stylish but had no idea what to wear!

I made this dress a while ago and had only worn it once so it was time to get her out and about and swinging!

But I felt like really styling things up so I made some matching earrings, bracelet and pimped some old shoes I had with left over fabric!!!
I went all DIY and loved how it all came together!

Baby girl helped me out with some pictures!!

Fabric :Stretch coton


Old pair of earrings, didn’t take a picture of the bracelet got way to excited and forgot :-)!!


This is how it turned out, all covered in fabric.


The old shoes, I picked these because I just love the way they klick when I walk, they are the only pair of shoes my husband ever bought me and I can take the fabric off again!




The dress








Well I felt great and we had a great party!!! Will definitely do something like this again! DIY means one of a kind!!

Until next post, happy sewing!


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