An other dress finished 

i there,

In June I’ve posted about my fabric shopping and the great fabrics I’ve bought. Between sewing orders I managed to get ny own sewing project done.

The first project was two skirts (poste in june)  from the fabric shown in the right low corner.

This one is made from the fabric shown at the right top corner.
The pictures of me wearing the dress are not as clear as I wanted them to be but my little photographer and I were tired of trying and the weather wasn’t helping , so we just picked the best ones and promised to do better next time:-)

While sewing the dress I realized I had the perfect shoes to wear with it!

And to complete it all I made a clutch (found a great turtoriail on printerest from and covered an old necklace with leftover fabric.

Our 7th wedding anniversary is coming up so I think I’m ready to go party and celebrate!!!

Till next post and happy sewing!


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