Work space

Hi there,

After months of working on my balcony I finally created a new work space at home, working on the balcony during the day was great but not so during the evenings due to poor lighting and having to clean up my work table while I’m not done yet wasn’t fun, going up and down with all the work and machines wasn’t fun either and I always seem to forget something and there I went again back and forth.

We had this room full of closest and junk no one wanted to enter, so one day I decided to clear and clean it up. Once I was done with that I claimed it as my work room! Just kept one closet since all my clothes where in there, moved all my furniture, supplies and machines in and tadaaaaa my new work space was there!!! I’m so happy to have my own space again!!!!

But before I got a chance to use the room my little girl was in there crafting away!!! She loves the room to and calls it her craft room (there goes my space!!)

Till next post!!! Happy sewing!!


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