1 Finally finished 

Hi there, 

Sewing for customers is fun but takes up all of your time, that means less time for your own sewing! When you sew for customers you basically sew things they like, some give you the freedom to put you spin on things but most of the time they know what they want and you just have to give them what they want, and that’s ok it’s part of the job right? 

But stil………. 

I miss that just sewing for me or my girl,  you know just for fun, create, change and so on. 

So to still get a bit of fun sewing in between I’ve decided to dive in a box I have sitting in the corner with unfinished projects, some for years even, and try to finish some. Sine it’s all half done it wont take much time. For what ever reason I stopped working on them it was fun finally finishing some, I’m not there yet but it’s a great start. 

This first one is a badwing shirt I didn’t finish because I messed up the front and the back part, you know the V line, back then I didn’t know how to properly sew a V neckline, got frustrated and left it as it was (not wearable). 

There was no way for me to take it apart cause the fabric is way to delicate and left little holes. So I just added lace to the front and back and tadaaa done. 

I like the end result and it will make a great casual wear. 

Pictures are taken by my little helper! 

Till next post, happy sewing! 


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