3 Finally finished 

Hi there, 

Finishing these long overdue projects is going way much faster than I thought (dhu there half way done) 

This dress ended up in the box because when I was almost done I decided I didn’t like the fabric or the way it turned out, looked so boring and I couldn’t look past that so I give up! 

But time apart did us good, cause I’ve come to appreciate the fabric, it can be used on both sides and that’s what I did and I shorten the dress to make it more me. 

I’ve used a burda 02 2001 pattern model 108


Wben I shorten the dress I cut it to short and was not pleased with my self but it turned out to be the best mistake!  I added a piece back to the dress but used the lighter side of the fabric as I did with the top part of the dress, as soon as i did that I loved the dress and knew I was going to wear this!!! 


Again pictures are taken by my little helper. 

Till next post,  happy sewing! 


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