Baby sewing

Hi there,

First I like to wish all a Happy New Year and all the best!!

I’ve been quite bussy with Christmas and New Year’s sewing that I didn’t get a chance to blog at all, not even time to take pictures of al the garment made!!  But that’s OK I had a great time working and happy customers .

When sewing for customers I always feel the need to get some me sewing in between. just little ptojects that keeps the creativity going!

On 3rd of December  I had a booth at a market to promoot my goodies and sell, I took my little girl with me and while I was selling my goodies (ready to wear clothes) she was selling her handmade earrings. We had a blast!

These are a couple of things Ive made just for fun and to sell.

This top I made for my babygirl with Pangi fabric (cotton),it’s simple and fast to sew and more will follow.


These are some of the baby dresses I’ve made with leftover fabric ​and sold on Dec 3rd​


Thats it for now,thanks for stopping by!

Till next sew!


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