In my last post I talked about the Fashion school (Modevakschool Grootfaam) I attended (but had to quit).

I’ve learned a lot the year I spend there and it will (already) help me to take my sewing and drafting skills to the next level! Learned to draft the basic patterns, skirt, pants and blouse and how to adjust and combine them, it’s all pretty basic but it helps me to understand how and where to make changes on the pattern!

First we draw the patterns on scale ¼, then ½, the patterns have to be cut and sewn on ½ scale. You create cute mini clothes, but some are very difficult to sew on a machine and because of that we had to hand sew a lot of our projects! It was a challenge for me since I’ve never done that before (did some little craft thingies but this was on another level)!

The hand stitching had to be perfect, we even learned to make button holes and insert zippers! At first I thought: what a waste of time since everyone uses a sewing machine!

But one day (I was working on an order) my machine quit on me and I just oiled my spare machine so cloud not use that one either and had a deadline! Well I finished my order by hand (blind hem and button hole) I was so happy with this new skill and I never complaint again when my teacher told me to sew a project by hand!!

I’ve also learned to sew some of the traditional clothing of Suriname like Koto’s, Jatie’s and Kimona’s

(more on this in a next post)!

I’m more confident now in drafting and sewing and the great thing is I’m having so much fun in creating new thing!! I’m depending on other people’s patterns any more …. so when I see something I like and want to sew I hit the drawing table and end up with my own design!!

Below pics of some of the things I’ve made during class.

The colors are a bit of in some pics, ive been playing around and adjusting in fotoshop…..and could not get the colors to match! (need to work on that!!)

As you can see I had a lot of the orange and pink fabric, thought it would be great to make all my homework projects in the same fabric……but I had to switch for some projects!! I could not stand the colors after a while (my teacher tought it was great)




Sewing, shop, Suriname

Back Online

It’s been a while since my last post and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue with the blog.

A lot has happened since April 20th 2013 and I don’t really know where to start!

Well I guess I will start with…..1) My little shop 2) Fashion School

After the company I was working for closed their doors I found myself without a job and lots of time on my hands! For the longest time I wanted to see if I could start a business selling my hand made stuff! And I wanted to push my skills to the next level!

1) A location presented itself, I had a partner (great to split up the costs), some startup money (not a lot) and all my stuff to start.

We started September 2013 with the little supply we had (clothes, jewelry and furniture i had) and decided to sew costume made clothes (just to get started, make some money and get back to what we really wanted to be doing in the shop!). We got a lot of support from family and friends especially our husbands! The” Atelier” was a fact! Things were going great, people got to know us and we were happy!

Well so I thought……..after 6 months we ended our partnership (long and boring story) and went our separate way’s.

I stayed and tried to make it work on my own but the costs where too much for me on my own at that time and the workload was crazy! And the funny thing was I wasn’t doing what I wanted in the first place.. SELL MY HANDMADE STUFFF!!!! I was only sewing for people just to make ends meet and did not find the time to sew my stuff!! And forget about jewelry making!!

2) By this time I also started at a fashion school here “Grootfaam Modevakschool”, I’ve learned a LOT!! Like pattern drafting, understanding the body and sewing skills!! (Will share more in next post!)

So to make a long story short…… due to financial tidenis (crap) I decided to stop with the shop and school!  Make a new plan and move on!!

I’m working at home now, making my stuff (in time to be sold on line)!!! Yeah!!! And still sewing for others, but now I get to pick and choose what kind of work to take since I don’t have to pay rent  (rent here in Suriname is WAY too HIGH!!!) . And about the learning of new sewing skills…… I’ve learned a lot at school last year, but what I’m learning by sewing for others is amazing!!! And there is internet and my home schooling books so I think I’m covered for now!

There are some things I’ve learned/remembered from all this:

Believe In Yourself

Stay True To Yourself!!

And Never Be Afraid To Try Something

And the greatest thing is when your child says: I’m proud of you mom! You don’t give up on your dream! Keep going!

So here I go!!!

Here are some pics of the shop!

Afbeelding2 Afbeelding3 Afbeelding4 Afbeelding5 Afbeelding6 Afbeelding7



Is it possible to feel the season changes in your body?

Or is it… if you wish for something so bad and so hard….you can actually feel, see and smell it?

I don’t know what it is but I feel the spring in my body….I say this because we don’t have spring, summer, winter or fall in Suriname, we have the long rainy season and the short rainy season.

But after living in Holland for over 20 years it’s like the season changes are happening inside of me now we live in Suriname, with all this I mean the feelings that come along with the seasons, take spring, the sunshine, flowers, Easter, birds (and more) all of these things want me to go out for long walks, wearing bright colors and making plans for the summer!

Well I still feel that way around this time of the year! I’m spending more time gardening (long walks…phoe… way to hot right now!), sewing with bright colors (mostly for kids and baby’s) and planning a trip to Curacao in September (summer!? break in Suriname, …yes where late!)

Spring is in the Air (Body)!!!

Some of the thing I made the last couple of weeks! Feeling springy~

My mother inlaw sold the dresses and shoes in the first and forth pic. The dress in the 4th  pic. Is revaiseble one side is purple with little flowers and the other side is yellow with small inbroudered flowers (see pic 2) it also come with a summer had from burda ../.. that is also revaiseble but I forgot to take a pic. I made a new one for my new project pic’s will follow! Pic’s 2 and 4 were projects for my little girl!


Dress: Burda 11/01 Baby Dress 145

I’ve added ruffels at the neckline and bottom just to make it a bit more girly

Baby Shoes: Ottobre summer 2006 nr. 3


Top: Ottobre summer 2006 nr. 21


Skirt: Self drafted

Shorts: Burda 5/12   nr. 144


Dress: Burda 11/01 Baby Dress 145

original pattern, but this is a two in one dress

Fabric my little girl picked out !

jeans fabric with printed flowers

romper 1Front

Baby Romper: found this pattern at Sewing in no mansland!

romper 2


romper 3

I’ve lined the top part


Skirt: Selff drafted

Well this is it for now, have to get to work , i’m working on three dresses for two ladies, more on this in a next post and also an update on the lengerie order i was working on (one word DRAMA!!)

Till then!!! happy sewing!!


Garden Full of Life!!


It’s been four years since we moved to Suriname and we are still enjoying our self’s very much!

Some of the things I love is waking up with sunlight, having the windows and doors open all day, there is always green around and tropical birds, fruit trees everywhere and we are able to grow our own veggies and fruit trees.

we even have chickens (fresh eggs!!!)

Rooster (his name is really Rooster)and two of his chicks(no names yet) !!

Our very first egg!! )it’s my daughters job to collect the eggs.

 and two great dogs (top security! But lost the pictures :( ).

There is plenty of room for our daughter to play outside!

(some old pics)

Our back yard and some of the fruits we have,

(sorry I don’t know all the English names)

I must say it’s very inspiring!

My Favorite tree of them all!!!

Coconut tree


Colors always make me happy!!       

Awara tree

Awara’s, sweet and oily

Awara’s, sweet and oily

Pompelmoes (pompom)          






Blossom of the Pamorak tree.

 Pomarak tree




Soft and Juicy and very sweet.



Great to make smoothies and cherry ice-cream.



Apple tree

(it’s not an apple apple; this is how they are called here,

got me confused in the beginning was expecting real apples )

The cool thing about taking these pictures…..some of the process of becoming an apple was visible look!


(even the bees are helping to make this picture work)

Appel 1


Admitting color,

they grow in a bunch, they start out green and slowly turn in to pink.

Appel 2


it’s like the play hide and seek with you cause they like to hide behind the leaves.


They are delicious! Very fresh and juicy, with the hot weather we got here it’s nice to

put the apples in the fridge, just 5 min, it’s fresh and cool.

Banana tree


Banana 1


Banana 2

Pineapple tree

                       Orange tree 1

Orange tree 2

Coconut ,

the beginning, just leave a coconut outside and see what happens!

When they get a bit bigger we simply put them in the ground and watch it grow.

Palm tree

Coconut close up! I just Love this tree!!!

Fav coconut

Fave coconut 1

At the end of the day and on the table

pompom, orange and appel

The coconuts never make it to the table! :)

Hope you Enjoyed the pictures!


Yellow and Brown Flower dress


This is a dress I made early 2012 but never posted, it was a great dress to work on but I did not like the end result that much,

I tried to wear it yesterday but did not feel comfortable in it (maybe one day!?)

I still wanted to share it with you!

Materials: Stretchy Cotton fabric, invisible zipper, belt buckle, the dress is fully lined.

Geel bruin bloem jurk 4

Geel bruin bloem jurk 1

Geel bruin bloem jurk 6

Pattern from Burda Style 1/07 no. 106



My latest craft project (just a little one) was this lovely flower form little girl to wear to the Christmas dinner at her school.

I saw this flower on a blog Sewing in no mans land and loved it!!

And so did little girl, luckily I had all the materials at hand, felt, hearbandand, glue gun and beads,  it took 30 min to make.


This is the end result.

craft 3

craft 2

craft 1

More will follow!!


Happy New Year!!!

2012 was a good sewing year for me, it was all about challenging myself and stepping out of my comfort zone

(not only in sewing).

For 2013 I want to continue with the challenges and grow even more with my sewing and in my personal life!!

I wish to all a Great year, Gods blessing and may all your dreams come true!!

And of course happy sewing!!

Our Christmas outfits!

knippie jurk stina 2

knipiie jurk stina 5

knippie jurk stina 4

Pattern from Knippie

Vintage look dress grijs 4