3 Finally finished 

Hi there, 

Finishing these long overdue projects is going way much faster than I thought (dhu there half way done) 

This dress ended up in the box because when I was almost done I decided I didn’t like the fabric or the way it turned out, looked so boring and I couldn’t look past that so I give up! 

But time apart did us good, cause I’ve come to appreciate the fabric, it can be used on both sides and that’s what I did and I shorten the dress to make it more me. 

I’ve used a burda 02 2001 pattern model 108


Wben I shorten the dress I cut it to short and was not pleased with my self but it turned out to be the best mistake!  I added a piece back to the dress but used the lighter side of the fabric as I did with the top part of the dress, as soon as i did that I loved the dress and knew I was going to wear this!!! 


Again pictures are taken by my little helper. 

Till next post,  happy sewing! 


2 Finally finished 

Hi there, 

I’ve managed to finish an other wayyy overdue project. Back then I couldn’t figure out how to sew the neck line to the dress and gave up way to easy I must say.  This was to be a dress but turned out to be a pajama! 

I’ve used the burda 06 2011 model 102 pattern 

Instead of gathering the top part i made two pleads

 (cause I was lazy :-)) 



Pictures where taken by my little helper! 

Till next post, happy sewing!! 


Work in progress 

Hi there, 

Just wanted to share a work in progress with you. 

African print fabric is very popular at the moment and I get the chance to work on the most lovely outfits! 

This one is a skirt and blouse, the fabric is a dream to work with, it’s a new style for me, but so far so good! I hope to get the chance to post the finished outfit! 

I only wish that I could have lined the fabric better to get the print lined to match but I’ve would have wasted to much fabric,  to bad tho! But looking at the first picture I will cut the right pattern peace of the skirt again its wayyy of line! Danged!! I don’t like to waste fabric specifically if its not mine. 

Till next post, happy sewing! 


1 Finally finished 

Hi there, 

Sewing for customers is fun but takes up all of your time, that means less time for your own sewing! When you sew for customers you basically sew things they like, some give you the freedom to put you spin on things but most of the time they know what they want and you just have to give them what they want, and that’s ok it’s part of the job right? 

But stil………. 

I miss that just sewing for me or my girl,  you know just for fun, create, change and so on. 

So to still get a bit of fun sewing in between I’ve decided to dive in a box I have sitting in the corner with unfinished projects, some for years even, and try to finish some. Sine it’s all half done it wont take much time. For what ever reason I stopped working on them it was fun finally finishing some, I’m not there yet but it’s a great start. 

This first one is a badwing shirt I didn’t finish because I messed up the front and the back part, you know the V line, back then I didn’t know how to properly sew a V neckline, got frustrated and left it as it was (not wearable). 

There was no way for me to take it apart cause the fabric is way to delicate and left little holes. So I just added lace to the front and back and tadaaa done. 

I like the end result and it will make a great casual wear. 

Pictures are taken by my little helper! 

Till next post, happy sewing! 


Work space

Hi there, 

After months of working on my balcony I finally created a new work space at home, working on the balcony during the day was great but not so during the evenings due to poor lighting and having to clean up my work table while I’m not done yet wasn’t fun, going up and down with all the work and machines wasn’t fun either and I always seem to forget something and there I went again back and forth. 

We had this room full of closest and junk no one wanted to enter, so one day I decided to clear and clean it up. Once I was done with that I claimed it as my work room! Just kept one closet since all my clothes where in there, moved all my furniture, supplies and machines in and tadaaaaa my new work space was there!!! I’m so happy to have my own space again!!!! 

But before I got a chance to use the room my little girl was in there crafting away!!! She loves the room to and calls it her craft room (there goes my space!!) 

Till next post!!! Happy sewing!! 


Boys shirt

Hi there, 

A couple of weeks ago I made this shirt for one of our nephews who turned 1,I love the end result so much. And since I have more baby nephews more wil be made! 

Pattern is from Ottobre summer 3/2006,  I’ve added the white trim on the sleeves and the pocket with and iron on letter, first letter of his name. 

Wel that’s it for today till next post and happy sewing! 


An other dress finished 

i there, 

In June I’ve posted about my fabric shopping and the great fabrics I’ve bought. Between sewing orders I managed to get ny own sewing project done. 

The first project was two skirts (poste in june)  from the fabric shown in the right low corner. 

This one is made from the fabric shown at the right top corner. 
The pictures of me wearing the dress are not as clear as I wanted them to be but my little photographer and I were tired of trying and the weather wasn’t helping , so we just picked the best ones and promised to do better next time:-) 

While sewing the dress I realized I had the perfect shoes to wear with it! 

And to complete it all I made a clutch (found a great turtoriail on printerest from and covered an old necklace with leftover fabric. 

Our 7th wedding anniversary is coming up so I think I’m ready to go party and celebrate!!! 

Till next post and happy sewing!