Is it possible to feel the season changes in your body? Or is it… if you wish for something so bad and so hard….you can actually feel, see and smell it? I don’t know what it is but I feel the spring in my body….I say this because we don’t have spring, summer, winter or … Continue reading

Garden Full of Life!!

Inspiration It’s been four years since we moved to Suriname and we are still enjoying our self’s very much! Some of the things I love is waking up with sunlight, having the windows and doors open all day, there is always green around and tropical birds, fruit trees everywhere and we are able to grow … Continue reading

Yellow and Brown Flower dress

  This is a dress I made early 2012 but never posted, it was a great dress to work on but I did not like the end result that much, I tried to wear it yesterday but did not feel comfortable in it (maybe one day!?) I still wanted to share it with you! Materials: … Continue reading


My latest craft project (just a little one) was this lovely flower form little girl to wear to the Christmas dinner at her school. I saw this flower on a blog Sewing in no mans land and loved it!! And so did little girl, luckily I had all the materials at hand, felt, hearbandand, glue gun … Continue reading

Happy New Year!!!

2012 was a good sewing year for me, it was all about challenging myself and stepping out of my comfort zone (not only in sewing). For 2013 I want to continue with the challenges and grow even more with my sewing and in my personal life!! I wish to all a Great year, Gods blessing … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!!!

A Merry Christmas to All!!! We had a great day yesterday just the three of us in the morning and with the fam in the afternoon!! Lots of eating and enjoying each other’s company!! After all the eating we decided to take a walk at Waterkant / Vrijheidsplein (Waterside / Freedom square) the decorations where … Continue reading


I wanted to tackle one last challenge before saying goodbye to 2012! As we woman all know buying lingerie can be an expensive thing, so I wondered if I could make my own, I saw some great patterns in the Burda Style mag.  And thought to myself that if I can tackle the scary pleats … Continue reading

My Rock & Roll Dress!!! Al done

Well I’m done with my Rock & Roll Dress!!! I had great fun making this dress and love the end result!!! I used a stretchy cotton fabric, getting the checkers to line up was a bit of a challenge and I got lost because of the pleating, its not all perfectly lined up but I … Continue reading

Work in Progress

For the longest time I have this project/dress I wanted to work on from  Burda Easy Fashion, but for some reason told myself it was too difficult for me to tackle! In the spirit of challenging myself I decided to go for it, if it works out…… great!  If not…….. I’ve tried! With this in mind … Continue reading

Mad Men Dress Finally finished!!!

It took a while but its finally finished my (Inspired by )Mad Men dress!!! I had buttons in the front and a little bow just like the blue dress (see previous post Mad Men Challenge) , but after putting the dress on I decided to take them all of, it did not agree with the … Continue reading